Kate Channon

Soft Tissue Therapist

About Soft Tissue Therapy

Kate specialises in using a wide range of Soft Tissue techniques for whole body alignment, ensuring that the body’s soft tissue is in optimal condition to ensure you are able to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

Soft Tissue therapists use a number of techniques including sports massage to help prevent and resolve any aches and pains whether these are acute or chronic conditions. These techniques are aimed at improving range of movement, reduce pain, correct muscle imbalances and prevent areas of adhesion formation.

My Training

Kate qualified as a Soft Tissue Therapist in Jan 2004. As part of her development Kate has been lucky enough to have been mentored by a number of established sports medical professionals. The knowledge and experience Kate has imparted from this and numerous CPD courses has enabled her to learn a number of techniques that have further developed her skill set.

Experience & Background

The majority of Kate’s background has been spent working within sport, these range from those that do sport as a hobby to elite athletes in sports such as Triathlon, Swimming, Diving, Powerlifting, Football, Athletics and Netball.  She has travelled with Great Britain Teams, covered UK Athletics domestic and televised events and also Great Run events. Kate has also worked with the British Athletics Paralympic team.

Although Kate has spent a large amount of her career working in Sport, Soft Tissue Therapy is not just applicable to people who do sport at any level, it can help improve posture and reduce the impact of work and life stress. It can be used as a preventative therapy to aid your recovery or help improve performance whatever your aims.