Liz Rees

Life Coaching has a positive effect on every aspect of your life whether its about building confidence, improving your relationships or managing your emotional state. As a life and Business Coach I help to realise your dreams and ambitions and help you fulfil your true life potential. I am also an NLP trainer and I find many opportunities to use this to enhance my coaching, I think of NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) as a set of tools that I can choose from to get the best outcomes for my clients.

Many people struggle to achieve their full potential due to limiting beliefs they may have held since
childhood, these beliefs are now still holding them back in adult life. As a life coach I can help you overcome your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. With NLP you can learn how to choose your emotional state, a really useful technique for inducing a certain frame of mind or emotion such as happiness or confidence and being able to access this feeling whenever you need to.

My Background

I left the corporate world in July 2016 having worked for Sainsbury’s for over 20 years as both a Regional Manager and Executive Coach, I worked in The North East , Yorkshire, Edinburgh and for the last 30 months in London

This year I decided to return to my native North East and as I have a passion for coaching and a strong belief in the unlimited potential of every individual continuing my career as a coach was the obvious next step. I wanted to be the best I could be, continuous learning is very important to me and I believe it is important to keep my skills relevant and current.
I have had extensive training in Coaching and NLP learning from Sue Knight author of best selling ‘NLP at
Work’ and Curly Martin author of the ‘Life Coaching Handbook’ I have also had the opportunity to attend workshops in Spain, France South Africa and India.

My Values

Absolute belief in Potential and being the best we can be.

About me

I live in Stainton, Village near Yarm, I’m married with 2 grown up step children. I enjoy walking, gardening, cooking, travelling, running going to the gym and I am a season ticket holder and avid fan of Middlesbrough FC.

My Qualifications

Accredited Master Coach
I completed a 9 month programme with Lane 4 and the University of Middlesex

Diploma in Life Coaching
Diploma in Performance Coaching
NLP Practitioner and Trainer
Trained Listener
Metaphor Mastery

Associate Member of International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring. In January I am training to become a Clean Space Practitioner. I am also travelling to India at the end of January to attending a coaching intensive. I am delighted to be joining Yarm Health hub as a Practitioner