‘MY JOINTS’ is an APPI Physiotherapy led Pilates group specifically aimed at people with osteoarthritis and individuals who have had a hip or knee replacement and are more than 3 months post surgery where you can maximise the outcomes of the surgical procedure.

So if you are

  • not making the recovery you expected
  • still in pain and cannot move normally
  • needing some help with exercises and advice

Then MY Joints may really make a difference..


Osteoarthritis is a condition caused by the natural ageing process in the body, causing the joints to wear, become weak, swollen and unstable. It can vary from mild to severe, causing pain and reducing movement in the hips, knees, ankles and lower back. It can also affect your mobility as a whole, reducing your quality of life, affecting everyday activities such as household tasks and going up and down stairs.

According to the Arthritis Research UK society and the NICE Guidelines for Adult Osteoarthritis Management, movement and exercise are an excellent example of a treatment modality to help individuals manage their symptoms. Pilates is a fantastic example of such an activity.

How Pilates can help

In many research studies, Pilates has been shown to help strengthen muscles in the body, improving trunk and pelvis stability, hip control, everyday movement, flexibility, postural alignment and body awareness. This helps reduce the stress and strain on the joints helping to improve pain levels. The calm, relaxed pace approach of Pilates helps reduce stress having a positive effect on wellbeing, mood and pain.

What to expect

An initial 1:1 assessment is required. A full body and movement assessment will be completed and you will be introduced to some of the level 1 exercises to get you started straight away.

Then, you can choose to join the specialist weekly group session or continue to come for 1:1 sessions where a tailored individual programme will be completed and you will be supplied with home exercises to complete between sessions.

So take an active role in your own healthcare and Manage Your JOINTS! Come and see us at the HealthHub for a MY JOINTS Physiotherapy assessment today.