Natural Health Programme

Allergy Testing • Naturopathy • Nutrition • Herbal Medicine • Kinesiology • Iridology

“I had no idea that the results of my treatment would be so dramatic… I am happy, energetic and positive, I look and feel fantastic… I really would recommend this treatment to anyone who is committed to ridding themselves of old problems and illnesses”  Libby Andrews, 40

Benefits of a Natural Health Programme

Programmes are designed to tackle single or multiple symptoms at any stage of life or to simply to maintain health.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Alternative approach to long standing health problems
  • Whole body approach benefits all aspects of health
  • Reduce or eliminate use of strong prescription drugs
  • Prevent illness and achieve optimum health
  • Reduce unwanted body weight
  • More energy, vitality and zest

Speak to us today or book a treatment online at HealthHub, which covers Yarm, Eaglescliffe, Stockton on Tees, Ingleby Barwick and Middlesbrough, where our Naturopath will advise on a personalised course of treatment.


What do the treatment programmes involve?

Step 1

A Health Assessment is carried out using diagnostic techniques of kinesiology, iridology and bio-energy. Once an assessment has been made of what your body needs are a treatment plan can then be put together.

Step 2

Your treatment will combine any number of the following: nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, allergy testing, organ cleansing and naturopathic techniques. During the course of the treatment thought field therapy, acupuncture and energy therapies may also be used where appropriate.

You will be encouraged to address issues which often lie at the root of your conditions, this can include finding purpose and direction in your life, making suitable lifestyle adjustments, personal development, building self-esteem, nurturing and learning to enjoy life.


A full consultation and health assessment is carried out in the first session; thereafter the number of sessions depend upon the programme undertaken and individual progress. Appointments are generally at two to four week intervals.

How much does it cost?

Please enquire for prices or visit here (