Phillipa Mcauley

Tai Chi Instructor

Tai Chi is a system of gentle exercises designed to energise the body and calm the mind, bringing health benefits to both the physical and emotional body. It is based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine developed from direct observations of the working of the human being.

Tai chi can safely be performed by all abilities, benefits can even be gained from practicing from a seated position. Tangible benefits are gained without strenuous stretching or aerobic type exercise.

About Phillipa

Phillipa has been doing Tai Chi since 1995 and has been a qualified instructor since 2006.Tai Chi is mainly taught for health benefits.

Classes include various types of Qi Gong, concentrating on the meridian benefits, including some shorter Qi Gong forms; Yang style long and short forms, Yang 18 Fan form; Chen 11.


Trained with: master Jon Ding (Yang), Grand Master liming Yue (Chen), John Higginson (chen man Ching)

Why not give tai chi a go and discover a whole new route to health and happiness.