Tai Chi, known as ‘meditation in motion’ is originally a Chinese martial art, based on the principles of Yin and Yang. However, it is also practised for the many health benefits it brings to its practitioners. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the slow flowing movements can open energy channels, free blockages and rebalance the body.

How Tai Chi can help

Some of the health benefits include

  • improved circulation and respiration
  • increased flexibility and coordination
  • improved condition of bones, joints and muscles
  • better balance
  • relieving stress

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Tai chi can safely be performed by all abilities; benefits can even be gained from practising from a seated position. Tangible benefits are gained without strenuous stretching or aerobic type exercise.
Why not give tai chi a go and discover a whole new route to health and happiness.

Some quotations about Tai Chi below:

The proper practice of Tai Chi stimulates natural energy flows within the body which serve to release blockages allowing the energy to achieve its natural balance. This, in turn energises the body and calms the mind. The basic principles are easy to learn and non-strenuous.

Tai chi can help with arthritis, high or low blood pressure, heart issues and improve many other common conditions. Keeping your body in balance increases the likelihood of a more comfortable older age.

One of the great joys of Tai chi is the increased body awareness it gives you. You learn to detect unease and use the tools given to correct it before is develops into clinical ‘disease.’ If you are unfortunate enough to develop some clinical symptoms, Tai Chi may help dealing with them.