Victoria Stovell

Yoga practitioner

Victoria gained her teaching qualification in 2010 on the magical island of Bali, she has been in love with Yoga from the age of 5, racing home from school, grabbing a leotard and plonking herself down in front of the TV to see the 70’s guru, Lyn Marshall.

Inspired at a young age, she continued to practice and be intrigued by everything associated with yoga, travelling to India frequently, discovering meditations and exploring Ayurvedic medicine.

After completing a year in Vietnam and South East Asia Victoria found herself in Bali undertaking her RYT200, which proved to be a life changing experience. She continued to study the body and health and as a student of life and yoga, Victoria is constantly learning and evolving. Currently she is studying Yoga for Healthy Backs with Alison Trewhela and the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Institute. Victoria also gained her Level 3 Personal training and Level 2 fitness instructors qualification this year, motivated by seeking a holistic approach to the body and mind.

In February 2015 Victoria started her Reiki journey achieving Level I Usui Reiki. During the study of this many new windows of opportunity opened and through the ongoing study of Reiki, Victoria and Tree Living continue to thrive, acknowledging all the gifts the Universe provides.