Osteopathy, Accupuncture, Massage and Laser Therapy in the North East


At Health Hub Clinics we provide a comprehensive range of treatment options to meet the needs of our clients. Discover more below about Osteopathy, Accupuncture, Massage and Laser Therapy.

Treatment Options


Osteopathy Being Performed on a Patient

Osteopaths treat more than just “bad backs”. It works with the structure and function of the body to ensure optimum movement. Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions.

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Sports Therapy

Female Runner Suffering Sports Injury

Sports therapists work with sport and exercise participants to help prevent injuries, recognise, manage and treat them should they occur and then carefully rehabilitate the participant back to full fitness.

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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy Being Administered on Knee

Find out about this cutting-edge new treatment which harnesses the power of lasers to encourage the body to heal itself. Laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure which yields highly effective results.

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We use massage to keep muscle tissues healthy. There are records of massage being used to treat physical conditions as far back as 2700BC. Physical therapists use soft tissue massage techiques to improve the flexability and health of tissues.

Massage Therapy has many health benefits, including improved sleep quality, enhanced relaxation, pain relief, decreased stress and reduced inflammation.


We use western medical acupuncture following a medical diagnosis. The fine needles stimulate the sensory nerves at the surface and deep level within muscles and tendons.

The application of needles in medical acupuncture is very safe if applied correctly. There are no side effects. This method of treatment relieves pain and muscle tension and can be very effective at stimulating change and healing within the body.

Joint Articulation

Along with working on soft tissue and stretching, articulation is the cornerstone of physical therapy. This includes osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage and sports therapy. Articulation of joints is the gentle movement of joints over short distances at low speed.

Articulation improves the health of tissues deep around the joints, the joint's lubricating system and improves the joint's range of motion.

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