Find Out About Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back Pain in Pregnancy

It is very common to experience back pain in pregnancy. This pain will often require steady treatment up until the point of birth.

Many pregnant women have been helped with back shoulder and neck symptoms as well as sciatica in all stages of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy is also helped by the gentle treatment of osteopathy and physical therapy.

The great thing with osteopathy is it's very safe and medication is not required. Back pain can persist in the first years after giving birth. The demands of carrying heavy items, carrying the baby and breastfeeding put a strain on the muscles and the joints of the spine.

The osteopath is well trained in the understanding of this and the ways in which we can adapt to releasing these muscles and joints. Furthermore we can also help by giving good advice on post-pregnancy recovery. This generally means using exercises for strength and agility.

pregnant woman with backache